Replacement Roll Tarps

The Roll Master® Threadless Roll Tarp with Heat Seal Technology is the best roll tarp on the market. How do we know? Because we made it, and we made it right: 




Our state of the art machines use laser technology to produce the straightest welds, and they seal using only heat and pressure, eliminating thread and providing flat pole pockets.

No thread and no glue means no rot, no unraveling, no needle holes, and no need to ever look for another tarp.

Even our webbing straps are fused to the tarp using radio frequency technology! In other words, Best Tarps offers the strongest, most solid threadless heat sealed tarp on the market. No one comes close to offering the combination of performance and value of our Roll Master Threadless Roll Tarps.

Order Replacement Roll Tarps

To order your Roll Master tarp today, find your part number using the chart below and give us a call today or let us know what you need via our online contact form. If you don’t see the size you’re looking for, we have many other sizes and colors available, so give us a call or send us a note through our contact form, and we’ll help get you the exact tarp you need ASAP!

For trailers 96” Wide

Part # Tarp W x L Weight/Color Price
RT376 123" x 37'6" 18oz Black 388.00
RT39 123" x 39' 18oz Black 397.00
RT396 123" x 39'6" 18oz Black 408.00
RT40 123" x 40' 18oz Black 408.00
RT41 123" x 41' 18oz Black 416.00
RT413 123" x 41'3" 18oz Black 426.00
RT416 123" x 41'6" 18oz Black 426.00
RT42 123" x 42' 18oz Black 436.00
RT41-22 123" x 41' 22oz Black 448.00
RT413-22 123" x 41'3" 22oz Black 458.00
RT42-22 123" x 42' 22oz Black 458.00

For trailers 102" Wide

Part # Tarp W x L Weight/Color Price
RT39W 129" x 39' 18oz Black 412.00
RT40W 129" x 40' 18oz Black 426.00
RT41W 129" x 41' 18oz Black 430.00
RT413W 129" x 41'3" 18oz Black 442.00
RT42W 129" x 42' 18oz Black 442.00
RT41W-22 129" x 41' 22oz Black 463.00
RT413W-22 129" x 41'3" 22oz Black 475.00
RT42W-22 129" x 42' 22oz Black 485.00