Tarp Repair & Maintenance


Keep Your Tarps Working for You

Maintain your tarps with tarp patching and grommet repair supplies, including our Best Tarp Tape, the strongest, stickiest, fastest way to repair your tarps on the road. A new, convenient approach to vinyl tarp repair, our super sticky adhesive-backed tarp tape is the best on the market.

Heavy Duty Self-Adhesive 18 oz Vinyl Repair Tape

If you’re not using our tarps, you very well may find yourself having to do repairs, at home or, worse, on the road. For those situations, we offer our Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl Tarp Repair Tape, available in 6 colors (red, blue, gray, black, white, green) and in 6” width. This is the ultimate first aid for conveniently and effectively repairing rips, tears, or holes in your tarp. Simply cut to size, peel off the backing, and place over the hole.

HH-66 Vinyl Cement Glue Repair Kits

Grommet Repair Kit - $40

Our Grommet Repair Kit is a convenient, easy to use kit for repairing not only tarps but also awnings, tents, sails, and shower curtains.

Includes: Inserting Die, Hardwood Block, Hole Cutter, and 36 Grommets

For your tarp supply needs, download our complete tarp supply brochure here, and give us a call to place your order today!